R3S3T Clothing was founded in August 2021 by C.T., a well-established sneakerhead and streetwear clothing collector, who was looking for an edgy design for his tutor/personal training business, R3 Fitness. Upon an impromptu Google search, C.T. realized that ‘R3 Fitness’ had been utilized and trademarked. The name was compromised but a logo was still needed. C.T. spoke to some on a few options with different names like S3 Fitness, E3 Fitness, C3 Fitness, B3 Fitness, and others. Further Google searches revealed that all those names were also taken. Speaking with his team, C.T. comprised the name R3S3T Fitness since his 2017-initiated tutor/personal training business needed re-establishment and resetting without compromising the meaning of R3: Resistance. Reaction. Resilience. With the name set, the logo was discussed for hours between C.T. and his brother as they locked in on a letter-based concept.

     But as hours went on, C.T. and his brother discussed livening up the company’s logo with a mascot. C.T. thought of the term ‘reset’ (start again) representing a clock while his brother inquired about what animal would best represent R3S3T Fitness. Without hesitation, C.T. said, “A gorilla!” The brand logo had been established but not yet created. At this point, there was no clothing line, just a worthwhile idea. The next morning, C.T.’s brother put together a sketch and, in that sketch, lied the R3S3T logo. Though a paper sketch, C.T. thought that it could very well become a logo placed in his current business’ clothing. After further consideration, C.T. ran across a graphic designer that bought the sketch to life. From there, R3S3T Clothing was born.

     The brand concept began to resonate as being a part of something that stood for strength and perseverance. Knowing that no matter the problems/issues that lie ahead you can reset your situation and change the outcome. Always breaking down barriers and obstacles while maintaining your fly. R3S3T Clothing is a clothing brand, but beyond that, it’s a lifestyle to reset your focus from negativity and break through into positivity with style and strength. We look to inspire power through change as others admire our aesthetics. Within these words lie our story, what’s yours? Would you reset the trend/culture with us?